select a.*, -- SESSION_KEY NUMBER sys.dbms_rcvman.num2displaysize -- SESSION_RECID NUMBER (output_bytes) output_bytes_display from ( select b.session_recid session_key, b.session_recid, b.session_stamp, a.recid copy_key, a.file#, a.name, a.tag, a.creation_change#, a.creation_time, a.checkpoint_change#, a.checkpoint_time, a.marked_corrupt, (a.blocks+1) *a.block_size output_bytes, a.completion_time, a.controlfile_type, keep, keep_until, keep_options, is_recovery_dest_file from v$datafile_copy a, v$rman_status b, ( select /*+ no_merge */ sys.dbms_rcvman.sv_getsessionkey skey from dual) c, ( select /*+ no_merge */ sys.dbms_rcvman.sv_getsessionfromTimeRange fTime from dual) d, ( select /*+ no_merge */ sys.dbms_rcvman.sv_getsessionuntilTimeRange uTime from dual) e where a.status = 'A' and a.rman_status_recid = b.recid (+) and a.rman_status_stamp = b.stamp (+) and (c.skey is null or c.skey = b.session_recid) and (d.fTime is null or d.fTime <= b.start_time) and (e.uTime is null or e.uTime >= b.end_time)) a

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