select T.INST_ID, -- INST_ID NUMBER to_number -- RECOVERY_ESTIMATED_IOS NUMBER (decode (CUR_EST_RCV_READS, -1, NULL, CUR_EST_RCV_READS)), to_number -- ACTUAL_REDO_BLKS NUMBER (decode (ACTUAL_REDO_BLKS, -1, NULL, ACTUAL_REDO_BLKS)), to_number -- TARGET_REDO_BLKS NUMBER (decode (MIN_LAG, 0, NULL, MIN_LAG)), to_number -- LOG_FILE_SIZE_REDO_BLKS NUMBER (decode (LOGFILESZ, 0, NULL, LOGFILESZ)), to_number -- LOG_CHKPT_TIMEOUT_REDO_BLKS NUMBER (decode (CT_LAG, 0, NULL, CT_LAG)), to_number -- LOG_CHKPT_INTERVAL_REDO_BLKS NUMBER (decode (CI_LAG, 0, NULL, CI_LAG)), to_number -- FAST_START_IO_TARGET_REDO_BLKS NUMBER (decode (ACTUAL_REDO_BLKS, 0, NULL, NULL)), INUSE_EST_MTTR_SEC, -- TARGET_MTTR NUMBER CUR_EST_MTTR_SEC, -- ESTIMATED_MTTR NUMBER ( select ksusgstv - ( select ksusgstv from X$KSUSGSTA where ksusdnam='physical writes non checkpoint' and inst_id=t.inst_id) from X$KSUSGSTA where ksusdnam = 'physical writes' and inst_id=t.inst_id), ( select logfile_size from x$kctlax where indx=0 and inst_id=t.inst_id), to_number (decode (CUR_EST_MTTCA_SEC, -1, NULL, CUR_EST_MTTCA_SEC)), MTTR_WRITES, LOGFILE_SIZE_WRITES, CKPT_SETTING_WRITES, OTHER_WRITES, AUTO_WRITES, FULL_WRITES from X$TARGETRBA T, X$ESTIMATED_MTTR E, X$KCTICW W where T.INST_ID=E.INST_ID AND T.INST_ID=W.INST_ID

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